Your reputation for dependability is as perishable as the goods you carry. Late is not an option. Small wonder so many restaurants, caterers, food service, dairy, meat and produce companies rely on Mitsubishi Fuso commercial trucks for lower cost of ownership.

The new Canter makes refrigerated delivery drivers even more productive than before—with a DUONIC transmission that smoothly creeps through jammed traffic, and an ECO engine mode that reduces fuel consumption while navigating those congested roads. In testing, a Canter delivered 8.45%* better fuel economy than an Isuzu commercial truck, and improved to 13.8%* better when the Canter’s ECO mode was engaged. The Canter also goes 18,000 miles between maintenance intervals – 8,000 miles further than an Isuzu. So you spend more time delivering the goods and less time at the pump and in the service bay.

Supportive seating and excellent visibility help keep drivers alert and focused, while plenty of storage areas ensure a place for everything. Plus, easy-to-reach controls and interactive, multifunctioning instrumentation.

In addition, the Canter’s lighter, more fuel-efficient engine and curb weight help give you a payload advantage of up to 2,200 pounds over an Isuzu commercial vehicle. So you can deliver more goods in fewer trips using less fuel. And in the reefer business, that’s how to beat your competition cold.

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