With city and municipal governments under intense pressure to cut costs, the Canter’s lower cost of ownership is just what the taxpayers ordered. In testing, it delivered 8.45%* better fuel economy than an Isuzu commercial truck, and improved to 13.8%* better when the Canter’s ECO mode was engaged. The Canter also goes 18,000 miles between service intervals – 8,000 miles further than an Isuzu. It also carries up to 2,200 pounds more payload than an Isuzu.

Few commercial medium duty trucks dedicate their lives to public service like Mitsubishi Fuso. And the Canter carries on that tradition, carrying up to seven people while capably serving in many roles. Utility work. Street sweeping. Snow plowing. Recycling. Landscaping, parks, recreation sewer maintenance, refuse service and more. And with a rugged frame that accommodates every body style from flat beds, stake and dump bodies to vehicle recovery and dry van delivery, there’s virtually no municipal job the versatile new Canter can’t do.

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