Isn’t it time the grass is greener on your side of the fence? The Canter can save you a lot of green with its superior fuel economy. In testing, it delivered 8.45%* better fuel economy than an Isuzu commercial truck, and improved to 13.8%* better when the Canter’s ECO mode was engaged. The Canter also goes 18,000 miles between service intervals – 8,000 miles further than an Isuzu. Plus, it carries up to 2,200 pounds more payload than an Isuzu. So you can pile on more plants, materials or equipment instead of pulling a trailer.

The comfortable Canter cab accommodates three, and in Crew Cab version up to seven, with lots of room for elbows, shoulders and knees. There’s also plenty of room for storage, with cup and cardholders, in-door pockets, two glove boxes, and a lower dash pocket. The cloth seats and rugged interior are also designed to take years of heavy use in stride. And the Canter’s rugged frame accommodates landscaping, lawn service, stake, flat bed and dump bodies.

Whether you’re a landscaper, hardscaper, designer or tree surgeon, or you spray lawn chemicals or cut lawns, you need a longer-lasting commercial work truck that works as hard as you do. We didn’t cut any corners designing this one, just the cost of ownership.

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