Canter FE/FG Series commercial trucks feature advanced technologies from Europe, Asia and North America, combined to deliver the lowest cost of ownership we’ve ever engineered into a medium duty truck. Canter trucks have been proven worldwide for more than 30 years, and are well recognized for their quality, legendary strength and durability.

The new Canter offers your business an advantage in fuel economy

In testing it delivered 8.45%* better economy than an Isuzu NPR-HD commercial truck, and improved to 13.8%* better when the Canter’s ECO mode was engaged. A Canter work truck gives you a service advantage too, with 18,000-mile maintenance intervals – 8,000 longer than Isuzu. A payload advantage, with up to 2,200 pounds greater payload capacity than Isuzu. And a warranty advantage, because our industry-best 5-year/175,000-mile powertrain warranty covers not just the engine, but the entire powertrain as well.

It all adds up to an advantage in return on investment

Driven as few as 20,000 miles annually, a properly driven and maintained Fuso Canter commercial truck can deliver a big boost to your bottom line – saving you several thousand dollars in operating costs in just three to four years – and for many dependable years thereafter. Canter FE/FG Series commercial trucks offer the kind of performance and rock-solid reliability that you can build a business on.

Completely re-engineered from the wheels up

The Canter is among the most forward-thinking medium duty commercial trucks ever. And its comfortable cab isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it offers more head, leg, knee and elbow room.