Say goodbye to long nosed conventional plow trucks

Now you can avoid plowing into something you can’t see. The Canter FG4X4’s cab-forward design and superior sight lines put you in a better position to view snow-covered parking lots, roads and shoulders. (And there are no rear fenders to bend, like with a pickup truck.)

Its fuel-injected, turbocharged diesel churns out plenty of torque to move the pile

With 4-wheel drive, all-terrain tires and heavy-duty axles and suspension, the FG grips where lesser trucks slip. Its DUONIC transmission delivers continuous power to all wheels, seamlessly. Its rugged frame accommodates many different types of bodies including stake flat bed and dump. Its quiet cab will keep you warm and comfortable, no matter how many snow days you spend behind the wheel. And its lower cost of ownership lets you plow the savings right back into your business.

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